I was 8 or 9 …

 I still remember the bitterness of ‘war of the cities’; at least they’ve called it as such, I don’t know, but it refers to a period of time while Iran & Iraq were busy smashing each other for 8 years. Their armies were exhausted and hopeless in the fronts, at the same time, both Saddam Hussein and Khomeini exchanged missiles. My family and I remember one of those brand new American missiles gifted to Saddam Hussein during the war.
 It just got closer and closer with the sound of a strange whistle was getting louder every bit of time that you could see it up in the sky by then. You knew it was coming for you or one of your neighbors anyway. And it hit a building, 3 stories, at last. Crushed it down in a second; I cannot remember anything more since our windows jammed in on that very specific second of explosion.
 Guess Iranians are going to experience those kinds of brand new American bombs and missiles one more time but this time the convenient semi-nuclear heavy brand 2010, completely made in USA with a very high quality though, guaranteed to kill on sight. So there would be no such memories anymore. This is sad.       
 However, Iran’s retaliation shouldn’t be much different from the following. So, don’t worry the pain is all ours!
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Meet the Devil: 3 Most Influential Men beyond Ahmadinejad

 Iran’s pentagon is the place devil resides. It’s been called the office and residential place of the supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei. It’s located in central Tehran. From the north it neighbors Azerbaijan Street. From the east extends to the Palestine Street where the ‘Islamic Propaganda Organization’ is. From the south it connects to the Presidential office and from the West it reaches a couple of important organizations such as the ‘National Security Council’.   
 Anyway, there’re three men inside this complex who are in charge of almost every event in the country. Every act of the government as well as judiciary and legislative should be monitored first via any of these three.
 Asgar Hejazi is the one responsible for the security of the complex and the supreme leader himself. He’s extremely paranoid thus no one has a better picture of him. It’s been said that he’s also responsible for managing a parallel intelligence unit over official intelligence ministry of Iran. That unit has played the role of a dead squad on dissidents both inside and outside the country as early as Khamenei seized the power two decades ago. He’s responsible for any attack on students and dissidents.  
 ‘Mr. Vahid’ is currently enjoying so much power in the complex no one believes he’s almost a newcomer. As the head of a ‘Sepah Pasdaran’ army, he came to direct Iranian politics sometimes around 2009 presidential election. As no one knows his real name, still we are not sure what he is exactly responsible for in the complex.
 Mojtaba Khamenei, the son of Ayatollah Khamenei, is the one marching on to be the next supreme leader. He’s very busy in the security matters and tries to be influential on every issue in the complex. He is the one who brought Ahmadinejad to his father and supported him almost on any turmoil. Still he is the main supporter of Ahmadinejad. There has been a rumor around that both are directing Iran’s nuclear research towards a military form of obtaining bombs.
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Iran utilized Phosphorus Gas during the Crackdown

 It’s been documented by the Iran’s Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC) that during the crackdown after 2009 election, the Islamic regime utilized Phosphorus gas on occasions among opponents in the streets of Tehran. There is evidence documented; however, many witnesses were confirmed of utilizing dangerous and odd forms of military gases on civilians during those stunning days of Iran.  
Here I quote from that evidence, the human rights violation case of ‘Farideh’. She says:
“…I participated in the protests on June 20, 2009 – the day Neda [Agha-Soltan] was killed – and was injured. I was in the vicinity of Tohid Square in Tehran when government forces attacked the protestors with some type of gas. At first I thought it was tear gas, but I soon realized it was something different. By that point I had become used to the feel of tear gas due to repeated exposure in the protests. But this was different. Everyone around me collapsed to the ground. I myself suddenly felt dizzy and nauseous and my knees buckled right there on the street. People from the surrounding shops who witnessed the incident brought water and poured some on my head. I felt a little bit better. Somebody helped lay me down on a bus to take me home. I felt only half-conscious on the ride home. I remember that while I was on the bus, a woman in chador[long veil] told my friend that I deserved to be in that state, and that the election was over. Her careless comment started an argument among the bus riders… I later learned that the mysterious gas I had been sprayed with was phosphorous gas. After I was exposed to the gas, small blisters began appearing all over my body. When I went to my doctor, he examined the blisters and told me that the lesions were synonymous with exposure to phosphorous gas. Today, even after nine months have passed since the incident, the wounds are still visible on my body…” (Farideh interviewed by IHRDC on April 18th, 2010)
 Now the question is what kind of state does this to his people? I strongly maintain the fact that Islamic dictatorship in Iran has no mercy to humanity. Whoever does this to his people instantly and without any further consideration or even fear, cannot have mercy to people of other countries around the globe. Undoubtedly, the common sense is responding clearly and decisively that the ‘Deterrence Theory’ fails if the current regime of Iran, the rouge & Stalinist state, reaches WMDs. In fact, they showed up in a number of occasions that they have secretly worked on worse cases of chemicals & biological as soon as the Iran-Iraq 8-year war had begun. It was almost around that period of time in which they had begun their secret quest towards the Atomic bomb. To avoid a disaster such as North Korea to happen in Iran there’s not much time left. You can either stay neutral do nothing or serving humanity by acting in favor of a free and democratic regime to establish in Iran.
The choice is all yours whether you’re helping Iranians fighting a barbaric & brutal regime or…
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Obeying Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic considered ‘Sharia Obligatory’

 This article is a translation of the following Persian article published by the Green Movement of Iran’s official website => http://www.rahesabz.net/story/19874/
 JARAS: For the first time, and openly, the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic in response to a religious letter, placed himself officially on the saint level of ‘all-qualified priest’, ‘deputy Imam at the time of (twelfth Imam’s) absence’, ‘ruling branch of the Imams’ and ‘true all-time deputy to the Prophet’. And pointed out there shall be an absolute obedience regarding his governmental orders, he indicated, so forth reveals the ‘full commitment to the Supreme Leader’.
 According to Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA) designers of the religious question to Mr. Khamenei had asked him ‘please explain regarding the obligation to Velayat-Fagih (the Doctrine of Absolute Jurisprudence). In other words, how we have to act to reveal our full faith pledge to the legitimate successor of the (twelfth) Imam.’
 Mr. Khamenei has responded, ‘Velayat (religious rule) means the rule of all-qualified priest in the age of (twelfth Imam’s) absence and it is a ruling branch of all Imams which is the same as the realm of the Prophet and by the fact that obeying governmental orders of the vali-fagih (the Absolute Jurisprudence), is the indication of full commitment to it.’
 Thus, the Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic, in response to the above Question, primarily and officially call himself an ‘all-qualified priest’ and ‘successor Imam in the age of (twelfth Imam’s) absence’ and called his government ‘of the ruling branch (realm) of all Imams’ and ‘Messenger (Prophet’s) realm’ and noted obeying the governmental orders of the Vali-Fagih (the absolute Jurisprudence) reveals the complete obedience to Velayat-Fagih (the doctrine of absolute jurisprudence).
 Two decades before and after the selection of Mr. Khamenei as the Supreme leader (after the death of late leader of the Islamic Republic) the late Ayatollah Montazeri and some prominent Clergymen didn’t accept him as the ‘all-qualified priest’ competent to leadership. And due to this for so many years they were become subject to harassment and imprisonment and insult.
 According to HAYAT reporter, deputy press secretary to Ministry of Culture & Guidance of Ahmadinejad’s Government, Mohammad Ali Ramin, right after publication of Mr. Khamenei’s response, emphasized on his news conference today: “If we pay close attention today, we derive from and develop all of our fundamental analyses from the principles and guidelines of the Imam Khamenei.’
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Poujadism in Iran: Bazaar’s getting united gradually

 On 23rd of July 1953, when Pierre Poujade prevented inspectors of the tax board from verifying the income of another shopkeeper with a group of about 20 others, he absolutely had no idea more than half a century later his strike method will get into Tehran’s main bazaar. And now Iran is again headed for strike season almost after 32 years. The last widespread strike in Iranian Bazaar (central marketplace) had paralyzed the Shah’s regime and forced his economy to a sudden and painful collapse.
 It’s been more than a week now Bazaar is on strike mainly in Tehran which has been followed by a number of other influential cities such as Tabriz and Mashhad. The latest news reveals the trend is on rise and likely to hit other regions soon. It all began when Ahmadinejad’s government representative on tax and duties announced an unbelievable 70% tax on annual income for business owners. The last year’s tax income for entrepreneurs and business owners were at most 25 to 30 percent. So, it was quite predictable from the beginning that something is going to happen, and it happened sooner than many expected.
 History has revealed that dictatorships always fear a strike more than rebellion. The act of strike simply has the shout of a nation’s unity and strength loud to the oppressor; while, a rebellion can best maintain to a week or two and retreat fast soon after. Consequently, the only option available to the Islamic dictatorship of Iran is to act like a sneak rat, as they always did, and try to damage the unity. But strikes have a point of no-return. The point that seems to me is close to be reached is being followed gradually and smoothly in about a year period of time. That point has the sweetness of unity among the nation and as they experience its fruitfulness through the coming strikes, they won’t give it up.
 It’s better for the Islamic regime of Iran to count to ten, because they’re going soon and they’re going painfully.  
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Iran’s Aggressive Nuke Strategy seeks Legality

 On the NEWS => Iran Passes Bill On Uranium Enrichment
Iranian parliament spokesperson announced earlier today that the assembly urges government of ahmadinejad to persue uranium enrichment even further. Anytime the Islamic assembly decides on an issue that the interests of the government are not pursued on, the supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, steps in and announces the bill outlaw. And of course by the constitution he has such an absolute power over any legislation. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise many Iranians that the predominantly conservative assembly more or less works with the government in order to avoid such clashes by which only damages assembly’s not so good reputation.
 It seems that international pressures on ahmadinejad force him to play on fake legitimacy. That’s in fact one of merely two options left for him. He needs to inform the west his rush towards nuclear energy is legal and backs by the parliament. It’s something that is very respectful in the west. At the same time he tries his other less importance option in addition. It’s the false indication he’s always played to exhibit Iran is only after peaceful nuclear energy; yet, even according to the common sense, it’s been obvious he has one aim and one aim only to acquire enough nukes to ‘wipe Israel off the map’.
 He is gradually revealing signs of international pressures on his nervous gestures and his far beyond nonsense speeches compare to his past. Economics aside for a while, whatever he’s dealing with these days should be less than sum of pressures he had same time last year. He has this gigantic power of strength and gradual progress as much as Adolf Hitler did. That is why for the sake of humanity something has to be done better sooner than later.
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Sunnis vs. Shias: different branches of Islam at war

 The unfortunate blood pool occurred two days ago in Zahedan, south-eastern Iran, wasn’t something inevitable. Two separate bombings in a shia mosque had more than twenty killed and several injured. In response to government’s mismanagement and failure to provide security, two MPs of the province in the ‘Islamic Majlis’ resigned and handed over their duties to the assembly.
 Iranians don’t need to lose lives in their gradual quest for freedom and democracy. In fact, reaching democracy is way different from mastering a classic-type revolution or freeing one’s own country from enemy hands in a war-time. However to be honest with the reader of these lines, among Iranian conservatives of both revolutionary and anti-revolutionary camps liberty and democratic governance are not an issue.
 They have the issue of religion deep in their daily politics, yet, they’re the ultimate power holders. They kill, torture, behead and rape for the sake of their own definition of Islam. But one party, I believe, should be blamed responsible for the creation of a vicious circle by which only violence plays on top. That party is the Iranian-Islamic state terrorism itself. They have to be held responsible first and for good.
 Majority of Iranians are considered as ‘shia’ muslims. Iranian ethnography shows they are mostly located in prosperous, central parts of Iran. However, Iran has historically had minority Sunni believers of Islam, who lived through the least prosperous locations mainly on the border line. There’s no doubt that south-eastern Iran called ‘Sistan & Baluchestan Province’ is the poorest among other twenty-something provinces. It lacks major infrastructures and surprisingly has been the most trusted drug-trafficking route to Europe. It mainly consists of two ethnicities: Sistanis, minority shia population, and Baluchs, majority Sunni indigenous of the region. Sadly, they’ve been at war for the last century that even intensified during last thirty years of Islamic dictatorship.
 Islamism has been tough and serious among both ethnicities. They’ve always represented by their religious identity. The disaster happened recently was in fact a retaliation by militant Sunni activists of Baluch origin who were deeply grounded in last two months after their leader got arrested via an Iranian-Pakistani intelligence cooperation and executed later last month. And now, we’ve witnessed their severe retaliation. Sadly, it’s a vicious circle of violence ignited by the Islamic state of Iran.   
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The sign of Madness!

How many head of state do you know in history to act mad on occasions? Surely they’re not much. But it’s been common among Iranian politicians after the revolution to talk nonsense or stupid and even funny on almost every occasion. The least blooper was in fact the reformist and former president Khatami who I can say has been the best of the worst so far in three decades of the Islamic dictatorship.
However, blooping trend has been on rise since ahmadinejad got into presidential office at 2005. Beside the fact that majority in Iran and many outside know him as a complete and everyday blooper, after the uprising of post-election 2009 pious blooping is getting doubled and even tripled in scale. Laughingly, the trend acts like an epidemic is spreading far and wide to remotest holes of the state!
The very last blooping was by the head of Islamic Judiciary, Sadeq Larijani, whose brother is the head of ‘Islamic Majlis’, an assembly under supreme leader’s full control. On his latest remarks, he amazingly said yesterday that Iranians need absolutely no account of sociology and psychology to be taught or discussed in any form and social sphere. Of course that’s part of Mullahs terminology to use very common names targeting specific interests and mean completely different. They usually mean the intelligent agents, political and ‘sharia’police or BASIJ (paramilitary guardians of revolution) by pointing on terms such as ‘people’ or ‘Iranians’ during their speech in general.
As far as I know when the sign of madness conquers the hearts and minds of politicians in a state, that system is going to pass slowly away. Madness, stupidity, and anger are just signs of weakness of the wicked. It seems international pressures are started to revealing their fist.
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