The kind of MEDIA we suffer!

First of all, let me say that in Iran there’s no private enterprise in communications and broadcasting industry. No, I’m not kidding! This country has only had around 7 channels (on TV) and about 3 or 4 channels (on radio) all together for the last sixty years or so. It was always this: boring, nervous and hateful. It just intensified after the 1979 revolution a lot. 

you can see the arabic sign of Allah (God of Islam) on top of the organization logo. It indirectly says none of you are important, only the favor of Allah must be considered carefully in evaluating programs!

Of course, it’s been about ten years now that we owned twenty more channels on satellite which is mostly broadcasting from L.A, California and some in United Kingdom as well as continental Europe, too. I don’t wanna talk about them, which I praise ’em in fact. They’re in the free world, recording nice and lovely programs such as music shows for the insiders like me to catch on the satellite system, sadly enough I don’t have. Consequently, a poor citizen of the Islamic Republic (that’s me) has no alternative rather watch state propaganda, if wanna watch anything at all!

Perfect dress code for women in the land of Allah state media advertises all the time!

 Now hold your belly and listen for the range of the programs on the state media we suffer. You’ll laugh! One channel is dedicated to Quran, completely. That means broadcasting Quranic versus 24/7/365. Believe me, it’s more than boring. The other channel is for the censored sports. That means you can’t find any news about women sporting, if you need to, just in case. The rest are dull Islamic talk shows; late at nights when they’re absolutely sure have no audiences talk a bit in English with their terrible accent, the rest of times they try to brainwash their audience to act Islamic involuntarily. The serials they show, movies, Islamic shows (by now you should realize that the sound of music is forbidden) and whatever program they broadcast not only are unexciting but also are brainwashing all in all.

That’s it. The state-controlling media in Iran is both cause of laughter and sorrow. Censorship is overactive on it. You can touch it, trust me. They even alter western values, which consider satanic to them, in a way to confuse the audience accepting Islamic but despotic-made values.  
A day on the state media and you’ll feel something in your mind bubbling up ‘A good Muslim doesn’t go to a non-parental party’, ‘god banned sexual affairs for singles’, ‘friends of different sex are the hands of devil on Earth’…
Bullshit like these blow your mind up at the end of day.      

About Sam

I believe that 'silence strengthens the oppressor rather oppressed'; that is why I do write. I'm a teacher in Iran and an atheist, about 32 years old - happily married - with no children. I tweet as well @samIranian
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