Women without rights

She probably did it, probably not. No one can truly say the ultimate truth. Several months ago, an Iranian female, 43-year-old wife, accused of adultery put on arrest in Tabriz, northwest of Iran. After the first meeting with the board of local judges she sentenced to 99 lashes, the medieval torture, with imprisonment without her having any lawyer yet. Inside prison she abused and insulted verbally several times for the accusation even according to Islamic sacred texts no one except the God can truly claim. Four dark years passed.
Couple of days ago, the judiciary body responsible announced that the ultimate charge of adultery which is stoning to death according to Islamic Shi’ite ‘sharia’ shall be executed on her. Since, many human rights activists around the world including a number of politicians from the States and European Union form a campaign to stop such a savage and medieval punishment. On behalf of many Iranians I should express my gratitude for their efforts. It seems that the outside pressures were somehow successful so far that yesterday, July 9th, some Iranian-Islamic officials assumed stoning to death will be replaced by hanging or beheading.
 Still, one savage punishment gives way to another ‘barbaric’ punishment, as one U.S senator stated. That’s the problem with theocracy, especially the Islamic one. Sadly, they pursue codes and norms of millenniums before which under no circumstances the vibrant common sense of the era accepts for our time. In fact, not even one rational mind admits the laws of barbarians for the civilized.                

 By considering women’s poor and inhuman condition in the contemporary Iran, one might say there were a lot of possibilities regarding the case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. She might have done nothing except confronting her husband privately on an issue that turned to sense insulting by the husband. You guess the rest of it. She might have passed a quiet neighborhood on a dingy afternoon. Some criminal might insult her right away. Besides having him in the justice, they punishing the victim! Ironically, she’s now paying the price which in fact is not even a just and fair price.
Even though, she accepted the charges on an imaginary free and fair trial, her sentence were way lighter than death penalty on the wisdom of some Iranians and majority of the West.  

About Sam

I believe that 'silence strengthens the oppressor rather oppressed'; that is why I do write. I'm a teacher in Iran and an atheist, about 32 years old - happily married - with no children. I tweet as well @samIranian
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2 Responses to Women without rights

  1. PJ says:

    I saw only one story about this on American television. It was on CNN. It was shameful how little the interviewer (newsreader) knew about stoning. She actually asked “So, is there any chance she could survive this?”. I weep for educational system.

  2. XtremeNO says:

    Hey there !, just a short comment to say that i’m new to your website but I am undeniably a fresh fan.

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