Reminiscences that torment

He still remembers his fifth birthday. Although there was a relatively large cake in front of him on the hall’s luxury big table, no one seemed to be as happy as they probably looked for. He remembers their gloomy afternoon, and of course his own. After twenty-six years he still remembers that no one’s cheers and laughs were truly a reflection of pure happiness. Not even a glimpse of his own father was as it should be in that precious day of his offspring.
He still remembers several nights before the birthday party, his father came home very late quite puzzled. He knew something bad should have happened: something not too pleasant. Father was anxious, walked back and forth all over the tiny flat nervously. Mother tried to soothe him, but she wasn’t much successful.
Years later all the mystery involving those peculiar nights were explained. His uncle, a devotee major of the late Shah’s armed forces, was executed the same night his father came home delayed. He gets caught by his ‘westoxicated’* appearance: a nice black suit with red or light brown tie, without beards or mustache. He gets caught in a stronghold teaching youth how to form resistance cells against newly established Mullahs brutal regime.  
He was executed by the firing squad moments after his arrest to my surprise without any trial. They’ve called the brother, of course not for giving him the body but for asking him to pay back the price of all ten bullets shot on the major to the responsible “Islamic Republic of Iran’s Judiciary Committee of the Revolution”. The man, ordinary employee, who had such a disgraceful request had major’s beautiful wife in custody.
With his unclean dress over an absolutely filthy neck, he had a devil laugh all the time on his dirty unshaved face asking bullet prices in exchange for the major’s wife. No one knew what they had done to her till then.
That devil with ugly face seemed to be an ordinary employee of the special armed forces of the newly formed Mullahs regime, indeed, the commander in chief of executing firing squad. He was beyond everything: from capturing to torturing and execution even raping major’s wife on several occasions.
 He was the same anti-Semitic evil spirit who is the so-called president of Iran nowadays.   
* The term is coined by Ayatollah Khomeini right after the revolution to describe his conspiracy of plagued by the West simply to label liberal and pro-west parties.      

About Sam

I believe that 'silence strengthens the oppressor rather oppressed'; that is why I do write. I'm a teacher in Iran and an atheist, about 32 years old - happily married - with no children. I tweet as well @samIranian
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One Response to Reminiscences that torment

  1. PJ says:

    What can I say. Thank you for sharing that story. It’s truly touching.

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