The one envies people’s freedoms

It’s said, a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s undoubtedly true. Because you wouldn’t enjoy watching pictures from time to time, if you had a little doubt pictures are worth a lot. None of us can ultimately claim we hate pictures. In fact we all are in love with pictures. We sense them more than realizing the words.
You know, each truth has at least two sides, for some a sweet aspect and for others a very bitter phase. For those who envy freedom of the human beings, truth has always had a bitter side. Quite opposing, those who praise the freedom, die to breathe in the freedom, hope one day will at least drink a bit of liberty: truth is forever sweet.   
I’ve got one of these truths, one sweet truth of existence. A picturesque evidence of sweet freedom is worth a thousand words. A picture which not one person envies it, except one: the tyrant. Because the tyrant isn’t free himself from within, or in his inner self. That is why he hates liberty which is the essence of life.    

About Sam

I believe that 'silence strengthens the oppressor rather oppressed'; that is why I do write. I'm a teacher in Iran and an atheist, about 32 years old - happily married - with no children. I tweet as well @samIranian
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One Response to The one envies people’s freedoms

  1. PJ says:

    Joy is everywhere
    Envy not the joy of others
    Embrace your own joy

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