Obeying Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic considered ‘Sharia Obligatory’

 This article is a translation of the following Persian article published by the Green Movement of Iran’s official website => http://www.rahesabz.net/story/19874/
 JARAS: For the first time, and openly, the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic in response to a religious letter, placed himself officially on the saint level of ‘all-qualified priest’, ‘deputy Imam at the time of (twelfth Imam’s) absence’, ‘ruling branch of the Imams’ and ‘true all-time deputy to the Prophet’. And pointed out there shall be an absolute obedience regarding his governmental orders, he indicated, so forth reveals the ‘full commitment to the Supreme Leader’.
 According to Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA) designers of the religious question to Mr. Khamenei had asked him ‘please explain regarding the obligation to Velayat-Fagih (the Doctrine of Absolute Jurisprudence). In other words, how we have to act to reveal our full faith pledge to the legitimate successor of the (twelfth) Imam.’
 Mr. Khamenei has responded, ‘Velayat (religious rule) means the rule of all-qualified priest in the age of (twelfth Imam’s) absence and it is a ruling branch of all Imams which is the same as the realm of the Prophet and by the fact that obeying governmental orders of the vali-fagih (the Absolute Jurisprudence), is the indication of full commitment to it.’
 Thus, the Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic, in response to the above Question, primarily and officially call himself an ‘all-qualified priest’ and ‘successor Imam in the age of (twelfth Imam’s) absence’ and called his government ‘of the ruling branch (realm) of all Imams’ and ‘Messenger (Prophet’s) realm’ and noted obeying the governmental orders of the Vali-Fagih (the absolute Jurisprudence) reveals the complete obedience to Velayat-Fagih (the doctrine of absolute jurisprudence).
 Two decades before and after the selection of Mr. Khamenei as the Supreme leader (after the death of late leader of the Islamic Republic) the late Ayatollah Montazeri and some prominent Clergymen didn’t accept him as the ‘all-qualified priest’ competent to leadership. And due to this for so many years they were become subject to harassment and imprisonment and insult.
 According to HAYAT reporter, deputy press secretary to Ministry of Culture & Guidance of Ahmadinejad’s Government, Mohammad Ali Ramin, right after publication of Mr. Khamenei’s response, emphasized on his news conference today: “If we pay close attention today, we derive from and develop all of our fundamental analyses from the principles and guidelines of the Imam Khamenei.’

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