Meet the Devil: 3 Most Influential Men beyond Ahmadinejad

 Iran’s pentagon is the place devil resides. It’s been called the office and residential place of the supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei. It’s located in central Tehran. From the north it neighbors Azerbaijan Street. From the east extends to the Palestine Street where the ‘Islamic Propaganda Organization’ is. From the south it connects to the Presidential office and from the West it reaches a couple of important organizations such as the ‘National Security Council’.   
 Anyway, there’re three men inside this complex who are in charge of almost every event in the country. Every act of the government as well as judiciary and legislative should be monitored first via any of these three.
 Asgar Hejazi is the one responsible for the security of the complex and the supreme leader himself. He’s extremely paranoid thus no one has a better picture of him. It’s been said that he’s also responsible for managing a parallel intelligence unit over official intelligence ministry of Iran. That unit has played the role of a dead squad on dissidents both inside and outside the country as early as Khamenei seized the power two decades ago. He’s responsible for any attack on students and dissidents.  
 ‘Mr. Vahid’ is currently enjoying so much power in the complex no one believes he’s almost a newcomer. As the head of a ‘Sepah Pasdaran’ army, he came to direct Iranian politics sometimes around 2009 presidential election. As no one knows his real name, still we are not sure what he is exactly responsible for in the complex.
 Mojtaba Khamenei, the son of Ayatollah Khamenei, is the one marching on to be the next supreme leader. He’s very busy in the security matters and tries to be influential on every issue in the complex. He is the one who brought Ahmadinejad to his father and supported him almost on any turmoil. Still he is the main supporter of Ahmadinejad. There has been a rumor around that both are directing Iran’s nuclear research towards a military form of obtaining bombs.

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I believe that 'silence strengthens the oppressor rather oppressed'; that is why I do write. I'm a teacher in Iran and an atheist, about 32 years old - happily married - with no children. I tweet as well @samIranian
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