Do we really need a god?

On July 14th, a good friend of mine PJ, whose blog has been a source of inspiration and hope, put on another significant TED Talk show this time by Matt Ridley. Ridley argues that the spin of human progress throughout the history has been the ‘meeting and mating ideas to make new ideas’ (quote PJ) and that turns to affect lives of everyone on this planet tremendously. Anyway, the show is still on and I recommend you to watch it. As I was watching the show concentrated on passionate voice of Matt Ridley a question suddenly came up to my mind. Let me start by rephrasing that question.
While you’re looking at this comparison may I ask you to answer yourself which one is more beautiful? Wouldn’t you fancy it, if you were a primary human being – let’s say a Neanderthal? Imagine that some advanced beings from another planet dropped it unintentionally where you lived. It was surely so peculiar that should lead your mind to reach the conclusion as there has indisputably been an almighty god (or gods) around.
I’m not saying whatever makes strange to you in nature is coming by some advanced and superior beings from distant millions-light-year civilizations in the universe. You may say isn’t it childish to think that our superior gods are experiencing life in this universe at the same matrix of time with us? Yes, surely it is and I didn’t mean that. I meant the collective brain is responsible for everything we see, experience, perceive and realize. Let’s get back to our picture.
Did the Neanderthals – hardworking stone ax creators – know that one day the Homo sapiens, that is us, will actually invent such a beautiful computer ax? Absolutely not. They didn’t even think of similar imaginations. You may object by saying the timing comparison here was nonsense. Let me ask you this question: do we have one single individual who can truly say on her own how a computer mouse is exactly provided? And I used ‘provided’ on purpose. The answer is, No! because in order to have a complete knowledge you need to know how to excavate for oil to the make and assemble of high-tech electronic chips and of course thousands of other divisions of labor just to make a simple computer mouse all by yourself.
Now, unlike our Neanderthal friend, who was able to produce stone ax all by herself, we can’t make our thing individually but we own it and appreciate it. It’s not by chance that we know it’s very useful. Does god created that for us? ‘Our collective brain’, says Matt Ridley, ‘together made things that we didn’t understand’ in the first place. Collective brain does exist though. It’s made by combination of all consciousness available to the universe (and possible universes). It’s the adding up of all minds universes could provide altogether. That’s the source beyond everything we call life and existence. That’s the ultimate spin of existence in matrix of evolution. It is the creator of everything we perceive around us.
If you call this ‘the God’, no problem, you’re definitely part of it.   
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The single root of all problems…

Trust me, it doesn’t take much time, concentration, expertise and perhaps dedication to the issue of the Middle East in order to figure out the root, I mean, the very undoubtable core of the problem. If you wanna see and observe the facts truly as they are, you should see it through the obvious similarities Middle East has with the medieval Europe.
In both eras we witness something like a single restive rat vibrating devastatingly over nearly all aspects of society. In economics, political system, culture, family and all other imaginary social spheres, mismanagement and absolutism of one particular concept is the source of all difficulties. That is one thing and fortunately one thing only: unquestionable and sacred position the institution of organized religion benefits from.


Just in case any of you feels as thirsty as I do about ideas of Richard Dawkins take a look at portion of his almost latest book ‘the Greatest Show on Earth’ on the Times Online: ‘Creationists, now they’re coming for your children’, which has also some minor relations with my point here.
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The one envies people’s freedoms

It’s said, a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s undoubtedly true. Because you wouldn’t enjoy watching pictures from time to time, if you had a little doubt pictures are worth a lot. None of us can ultimately claim we hate pictures. In fact we all are in love with pictures. We sense them more than realizing the words.
You know, each truth has at least two sides, for some a sweet aspect and for others a very bitter phase. For those who envy freedom of the human beings, truth has always had a bitter side. Quite opposing, those who praise the freedom, die to breathe in the freedom, hope one day will at least drink a bit of liberty: truth is forever sweet.   
I’ve got one of these truths, one sweet truth of existence. A picturesque evidence of sweet freedom is worth a thousand words. A picture which not one person envies it, except one: the tyrant. Because the tyrant isn’t free himself from within, or in his inner self. That is why he hates liberty which is the essence of life.    
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Reminiscences that torment

He still remembers his fifth birthday. Although there was a relatively large cake in front of him on the hall’s luxury big table, no one seemed to be as happy as they probably looked for. He remembers their gloomy afternoon, and of course his own. After twenty-six years he still remembers that no one’s cheers and laughs were truly a reflection of pure happiness. Not even a glimpse of his own father was as it should be in that precious day of his offspring.
He still remembers several nights before the birthday party, his father came home very late quite puzzled. He knew something bad should have happened: something not too pleasant. Father was anxious, walked back and forth all over the tiny flat nervously. Mother tried to soothe him, but she wasn’t much successful.
Years later all the mystery involving those peculiar nights were explained. His uncle, a devotee major of the late Shah’s armed forces, was executed the same night his father came home delayed. He gets caught by his ‘westoxicated’* appearance: a nice black suit with red or light brown tie, without beards or mustache. He gets caught in a stronghold teaching youth how to form resistance cells against newly established Mullahs brutal regime.  
He was executed by the firing squad moments after his arrest to my surprise without any trial. They’ve called the brother, of course not for giving him the body but for asking him to pay back the price of all ten bullets shot on the major to the responsible “Islamic Republic of Iran’s Judiciary Committee of the Revolution”. The man, ordinary employee, who had such a disgraceful request had major’s beautiful wife in custody.
With his unclean dress over an absolutely filthy neck, he had a devil laugh all the time on his dirty unshaved face asking bullet prices in exchange for the major’s wife. No one knew what they had done to her till then.
That devil with ugly face seemed to be an ordinary employee of the special armed forces of the newly formed Mullahs regime, indeed, the commander in chief of executing firing squad. He was beyond everything: from capturing to torturing and execution even raping major’s wife on several occasions.
 He was the same anti-Semitic evil spirit who is the so-called president of Iran nowadays.   
* The term is coined by Ayatollah Khomeini right after the revolution to describe his conspiracy of plagued by the West simply to label liberal and pro-west parties.      
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Was it a sad world cup?

Probably you knew in Iran there’s a monopoly over media by the state. It was so before the 1979 February revolution as well. The difference is: during the 37-years ruling of Shah (Pahlavi Dynasty) ideology or better to say Islamic Shi’ite fundamentalism wasn’t involved in the program makings. Thus, any kind of music was acceptable. Live shows with lots of singers and dancers were performed, and even cinema was free on aspects regarding civil liberties. The picture is changed rapidly after the so-called ‘Islamic Revolution’. Right now it’s been almost thirty-one years that not only those privileges are lost, but also private sphere of individuals were invaded by different factions of ‘sharia’ police. In my Iranian experience, revolution was one step backwards in the progress towards social development (or progress has been code named ‘modernity’).
I was telling you all these to say the way Iranian state television had broadcasted 2010 South Africa world cup matches was unrealistic. There were no happiness involved audiences, stadium chairs were one by another empty and strange things happened one after another to the final that itself was a mystery of unknown teams in the history of football (soccer) world cup championships.
It’s been one fixed law of media performance in Iran under Mullahs that margins of any kind are not important at all and should not be involved into the main. Regarding these games they were broadcasting live matches up to 5 minutes late in order to be able to censor scenes satellite cameras pointing audiences, those especially with an Anglo-Saxon origin. Whether it was a politician, a VIP, a celebrity or just it was a bunch of cheerful mobs they didn’t show any of ‘em.

Many scenes such as these have been censored by Iranian State television that makes no sense at all. The assumption is they even didn’t want to show joyful victorious flags of mostly western countries.

This time as well we’ve watched whole world cup with the cameras always pointed on the field. We don’t know was it a happy ending event for the people of the free world?
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Women without rights

She probably did it, probably not. No one can truly say the ultimate truth. Several months ago, an Iranian female, 43-year-old wife, accused of adultery put on arrest in Tabriz, northwest of Iran. After the first meeting with the board of local judges she sentenced to 99 lashes, the medieval torture, with imprisonment without her having any lawyer yet. Inside prison she abused and insulted verbally several times for the accusation even according to Islamic sacred texts no one except the God can truly claim. Four dark years passed.
Couple of days ago, the judiciary body responsible announced that the ultimate charge of adultery which is stoning to death according to Islamic Shi’ite ‘sharia’ shall be executed on her. Since, many human rights activists around the world including a number of politicians from the States and European Union form a campaign to stop such a savage and medieval punishment. On behalf of many Iranians I should express my gratitude for their efforts. It seems that the outside pressures were somehow successful so far that yesterday, July 9th, some Iranian-Islamic officials assumed stoning to death will be replaced by hanging or beheading.
 Still, one savage punishment gives way to another ‘barbaric’ punishment, as one U.S senator stated. That’s the problem with theocracy, especially the Islamic one. Sadly, they pursue codes and norms of millenniums before which under no circumstances the vibrant common sense of the era accepts for our time. In fact, not even one rational mind admits the laws of barbarians for the civilized.                

 By considering women’s poor and inhuman condition in the contemporary Iran, one might say there were a lot of possibilities regarding the case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. She might have done nothing except confronting her husband privately on an issue that turned to sense insulting by the husband. You guess the rest of it. She might have passed a quiet neighborhood on a dingy afternoon. Some criminal might insult her right away. Besides having him in the justice, they punishing the victim! Ironically, she’s now paying the price which in fact is not even a just and fair price.
Even though, she accepted the charges on an imaginary free and fair trial, her sentence were way lighter than death penalty on the wisdom of some Iranians and majority of the West.  
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Words; spring over time & space

There are words that act like leapers spring over time and space. They just jump and cross, indeed, jump, leap a little and cross from a century to another and possibly from a society to an alien culture. So they have no barriers at all.  
I’ve got an evidence for such a claim. How many miles are United Kingdom to Iran, in the Middle East? How much time was passed since Mark Twain published ‘Following the Equator’ in 1897?
In the same masterpiece he says, ‘it is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either of them.’
And that’s what we feel today in this part of the world.
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The kind of MEDIA we suffer!

First of all, let me say that in Iran there’s no private enterprise in communications and broadcasting industry. No, I’m not kidding! This country has only had around 7 channels (on TV) and about 3 or 4 channels (on radio) all together for the last sixty years or so. It was always this: boring, nervous and hateful. It just intensified after the 1979 revolution a lot. 

you can see the arabic sign of Allah (God of Islam) on top of the organization logo. It indirectly says none of you are important, only the favor of Allah must be considered carefully in evaluating programs!

Of course, it’s been about ten years now that we owned twenty more channels on satellite which is mostly broadcasting from L.A, California and some in United Kingdom as well as continental Europe, too. I don’t wanna talk about them, which I praise ’em in fact. They’re in the free world, recording nice and lovely programs such as music shows for the insiders like me to catch on the satellite system, sadly enough I don’t have. Consequently, a poor citizen of the Islamic Republic (that’s me) has no alternative rather watch state propaganda, if wanna watch anything at all!

Perfect dress code for women in the land of Allah state media advertises all the time!

 Now hold your belly and listen for the range of the programs on the state media we suffer. You’ll laugh! One channel is dedicated to Quran, completely. That means broadcasting Quranic versus 24/7/365. Believe me, it’s more than boring. The other channel is for the censored sports. That means you can’t find any news about women sporting, if you need to, just in case. The rest are dull Islamic talk shows; late at nights when they’re absolutely sure have no audiences talk a bit in English with their terrible accent, the rest of times they try to brainwash their audience to act Islamic involuntarily. The serials they show, movies, Islamic shows (by now you should realize that the sound of music is forbidden) and whatever program they broadcast not only are unexciting but also are brainwashing all in all.

That’s it. The state-controlling media in Iran is both cause of laughter and sorrow. Censorship is overactive on it. You can touch it, trust me. They even alter western values, which consider satanic to them, in a way to confuse the audience accepting Islamic but despotic-made values.  
A day on the state media and you’ll feel something in your mind bubbling up ‘A good Muslim doesn’t go to a non-parental party’, ‘god banned sexual affairs for singles’, ‘friends of different sex are the hands of devil on Earth’…
Bullshit like these blow your mind up at the end of day.      
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