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I was 8 or 9 …

 I still remember the bitterness of ‘war of the cities’; at least they’ve called it as such, I don’t know, but it refers to a period of time while Iran & Iraq were busy smashing each other for 8 years. … Continue reading

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Meet the Devil: 3 Most Influential Men beyond Ahmadinejad

 Iran’s pentagon is the place devil resides. It’s been called the office and residential place of the supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei. It’s located in central Tehran. From the north it neighbors Azerbaijan Street. From the east extends to the Palestine … Continue reading

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Iran utilized Phosphorus Gas during the Crackdown

 It’s been documented by the Iran’s Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC) that during the crackdown after 2009 election, the Islamic regime utilized Phosphorus gas on occasions among opponents in the streets of Tehran. There is evidence documented; however, many witnesses … Continue reading

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Obeying Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic considered ‘Sharia Obligatory’

 This article is a translation of the following Persian article published by the Green Movement of Iran’s official website => http://www.rahesabz.net/story/19874/  JARAS: For the first time, and openly, the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic in response to a religious … Continue reading

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Poujadism in Iran: Bazaar’s getting united gradually

 On 23rd of July 1953, when Pierre Poujade prevented inspectors of the tax board from verifying the income of another shopkeeper with a group of about 20 others, he absolutely had no idea more than half a century later his … Continue reading

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Iran’s Aggressive Nuke Strategy seeks Legality

 On the NEWS => Iran Passes Bill On Uranium Enrichment Iranian parliament spokesperson announced earlier today that the assembly urges government of ahmadinejad to persue uranium enrichment even further. Anytime the Islamic assembly decides on an issue that the interests … Continue reading

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Sunnis vs. Shias: different branches of Islam at war

 The unfortunate blood pool occurred two days ago in Zahedan, south-eastern Iran, wasn’t something inevitable. Two separate bombings in a shia mosque had more than twenty killed and several injured. In response to government’s mismanagement and failure to provide security, two MPs … Continue reading

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The sign of Madness!

How many head of state do you know in history to act mad on occasions? Surely they’re not much. But it’s been common among Iranian politicians after the revolution to talk nonsense or stupid and even funny on almost every … Continue reading

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